For Parents

For The Parents

Your Child in Greek Life

If you asked our brothers (members) why they joined the fraternity, nearly all of them would tell you they didn’t plan on joining any fraternity prior to coming to WPI. While the individual reasons vary from person to person, the underlying story is the same: they liked what they saw when they came by the house to visit. Our fraternity holds a rich history of responsibility and character development. When the first months at college seem disorienting and foreign, a fraternity provides structure.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the oldest fraternities on WPI’s campus. With that comes a rich history and multiple generations of alumni working all over the world. Members of our fraternity are well connected to their chapter through LinkedIn, Slack, and frequent in-person meetups with representation from decades of past alumni.

We encourage questions from all parents who’s children are going through the rush process. The terminology can be confusing — and whatever it is, you’re likely not the first person to ask. Ask your child to speak to us about a parent meeting during any rush event and we’ll be happy to set something up.