A ’23 Term Newsletter

The 2023-2024 school year is a quarter of the way through and it’s already looking like it’s going to be a monumental year for the chapter. Between a campus-wide Maui wildfire relief fundraising event, yet another Be the Match swabbing event, our biggest Homecoming since COVID, and new pairings between organizations across campus, Mass Delta is continuing to have loads of momentum and having tons of fun doing so. 

First, an initiative created in partnership between Mass Delta and WPI’s Hawaii cultural society, Shaka. Early in August, wildfires ripped through Maui killing over 100 people and causing thousands to evacuate from their homes. In August a partnership formed between our chapter and Shaka to kickstart a massive fundraising effort to raise money for Maui United Way’s wildfire relief. After a month of fundraising, gathering thousands of dollars of funding from the school, and a massive event on WPI’s quad selling food, Mass Delta and Shaka raised $2,300.

This term we had not just one, but two campus-wide service events, the second being our second annual Fall Be the Match event. Be the Match aims to pair potential donors with those who need a life-saving bone marrow donation, and last year after gathering cheek swabs for over 15% of the WPI student body to be put on the registry, Mass Delta events were responsible for the match of 3 lifesaving donations from WPI students. We continued that effort this year with another event with volunteers across campus organizations and gathered over 200 additional swabs to the registry on a rainy day. Between food trucks, music, and tables located all across campus, we’ve continued to maintain one of the strongest fraternity relationships with the Be the Match organization nationwide.

Next, we of course had alumni homecoming, this year being the highest turnout post-COVID. The undergrads had a blast continuing one of our oldest traditions, and seeing so many alumni back at the house. We also had the Mass Delta class of ‘03 back for the entire weekend to celebrate their 20th reunion and re-living their glory days!

The chapter also held professional development programming this term, including alumni resume reviews and a pre-career fair networking event made possible by generous alumni willing to speak of their experiences acing interviews and landing jobs.

Last academic year was one of the most monumental years in Mass Delta’s recent history, and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. This Summer, Mass Delta was proud to take home 5 awards from SAE’s national convention in St. Louis, including a finalist for the Fraternity Zeal award. Mass Delta has continued on its longstanding incredible reputation, and as we head into rush season, we’re incredibly excited to meet our newest members and are optimistic about keeping things going.

We wish you all a wonderful Fall and we hope to see some of you alumni at the 130th celebration this Spring!


Undergrads of the 2023-2024 House